Salto Mortale

SALTO MORTALE is an aerial performance, a dance performance in the air. The premiere took place at ‘Theater Galerie op de Rotte’. The performance took place in the neighbourhood, at the bridge near the Laurens church in the centre of Rotterdam.
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Salto Mortale

SALTO MORTALE happens in the centre of the atmosphere and entourage of the specially made floating installation, on the water of the river Rotte. The installation is made of little boats, made from leaves, which are filled with flowers and ashes, an eastern death ritual to remember the dead. Because of the wind and the water the boats are always moving. This creates the illusion like always being on their way. The simple constant movement pattern of the ever-floating boats, claim a certain peace in this place, in the middle of a dynamic, vibrant city. This image stands in total contrast to its environment. In the hectic environment an ambience arises. Most big cities lack this ambience of peace, a place for passengers to stop by and take a rest. They see a totally different view of the city and get the possibility to open themselves for something different and new.

This is where Salto Mortale begins. Two aerial dancers fight with spectacular stunts, the element of earth. In aerial silks, which rise from the water with the boats of leaves, the dancers reach the top of the bridge, where they transform. They are also on their way, they are travellers in time. They begin low, near the water, they want to get higher and higher, fall back down, defying gravity. Can they eventually surrender to heaven? 




Havenloods 23 september 2004

“…Anders dan bij een pure acrobatiekact zijn de bewegingen van de twee volledig op elkaar afgestemd. Salto Mortale is een dans voorstelling in de lucht!”
(Dick Schneider)