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As a professional choreographer and dancer, I have gradually become more interested in the inner movement of the body. Part of that realm is the natural rhythm which is present in each body. One can learn to feel that in oneself and others. After a while one will discover that there is even more than just one rhythm. Very fascinating! All of that is part of our cranio sacral system. That’s what I’ve been delving into during the last few years: the art of touching and listening.

Besides the art of dance, the art of touch has become my second passion which I developed during the training at Peirsman Cranio Sacraal Academie in the Netherlands. This training has not only been enriching on a personal level but also on my  professional life as a dancer and choreographer. The cranio sacral system is the building block for the new sensory dance performance Sheep Softly. The new experiences and insights I have gained through cranio, have motivated me to find a new perspective on performing and creating a performance. Therefore the result differs from what you may be used to from Rauher Engel. The performance follows a natural flow in which the children and I are forming a unity. There’s space for them to discover, experience and sense for themselves. The children have the opportunity to participate whenever they have the impulse to do so.

Nowadays, children are faced with a lot of expectation from a very young age. There’s a lot they have to do and they are confronted with rules and boundaries every day while schools put a lot of emphasis on goal-oriented work. Therefore children are under pressure from a very young age. A certain conditioning is occurring which prevents the individuality of the child from blooming. With the performance Sheep Softly, I make a counter statement to that. By working without a story line but through associations and images, the kids can let go of their conditioning. I create an openness which the children can complement with their own associations and imagination.

Cranio sacral introduction session

In combination with the performance Sheep Softly, I offer a cranio sacral introduction session for you or your child. A meditative massage with gentle touch which can bring things in motion on different levels. If you’re already familiar with it, you can see it as a moment of deepening or as a treat for yourself. I see this as an opportunity for me to give you a peek behind the curtain and to share my enthusiasm with you.

performance Sheep Softly
performance Deep in the Sea

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