Snowflakes swirl through the air. For a moment, you just can’t see your hand in front of your face. Covered with a layer of snow, the world looks very different. Everything is white and completely silent…! Who or what is hidden under the white blanket?
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Watch, feel and listen: We fall into the soft snow, slide over the hard ice, tremble from the cold and warm up again in our den. WHO WHA WHITE is a sense-stimulating dance performance about winter and all its facets. The performers use dancing, acting, live music and design to take the audience on a discovery journey. The children are seduced to watch, listen and feel. Every performance ends with a conversation. And before they go home, the children are taught a dance sequence.

The driving force behind Rauher Engel is Dagmar Chittka. Through physical intensity, lyrical images and absurd elements Dagmar creates performances with a very distinct character. A bit like Dagmar herself, actually: refreshing, perky, and always curious towards the world around her. Previously Rauher Engel produced About the plain ordinary day that Mol was surprised my Minne Minstreel and Home is where the heart is.

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choreography, dance & acting: Dagmar Chittka, Sonja Ewald
final direction: Ferdi Janssen
dramaturgy: Martina Bruns
scenography: Wim Schermer
construction: Xenomobile
music/sound: Falk Hübner
costumes: Dorine van IJsseldijk
rehearsal coach: Marie-Louise Gilcher
lightning design: Aram Visser
education: Rauher Engel i.c.w. Jess in Uitvoering
general management and publicity: Katjoesja Siccama
production: Rauher Engel
advertisement and flyer: Studio Jona
flyer photo: Arjab Benning
photography: Kees van Putten
make-up Margot van Essen
website: Arttrust
information and bookings 

with thanks to Kulturamt Stadt Münster, Kees van Putten, Danielle Ana Füglistaller


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